Mental Health Services

The Alcott Center for Mental Health Services provides both long term and short term care.  The agency provides comprehensive mental health services to individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness as well as prevention and early intervention services for adults and seniors in need of short term therapy.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Comprehensive mental health services are designed to help individuals who are living with severe and persistent mental illness lead productive and meaningful lives.  Alcott’s approach is a bio-psychosocial, strength and recovery-based approach in accordance with each client's individual goals and preferences.  Services are provided by a multidisciplinary staff, which includes psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, case managers, rehabilitation practitioners, and peers.  Each client's needs are assessed at the time of intake, and a treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s need and appropriate level of care.

Prevention and Early Intervention Services

Early intervention services are designed for adults and seniors in need of short term therapy.  Alcott provides mental health services to those individuals who are experiencing early symptoms.  In these stressful times, many are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.  Some have experienced loss of a job, spouse, or security.   Treatment includes services that focus on short term, low intensity intervention in order to strengthen an individual’s coping strategies thus increasing personal resiliency, reducing the need for long term mental health treatment, and preventing worsening symptoms.