The Alcott Center Artists

Steve uses photography to capture daily life and the people he encounters – whether walking around Los Angeles or on the bus. His ability to capture distinct... ART & BIOGRAPHY
Bridgette paints self-portraits, landscapes and shapes - she is particularity drawn to triangles. The pictures project an inclination toward the immediacy and... ART & BIOGRAPHY
Bradley developed his technique of painting on small squares of French glass – approximately 2” x 2” square – to use in light shows at rock concerts in the 1960’s. ART & BIOGRAPHY
Tristan largely works with pencil or marker on paper. He generally tries to create his images with one stroke or pass and has produced a large mural in that manner. ART & BIOGRAPHY
Kathy has been coming to Alcott for several years and is an active member of our community. Her watercolors display free-form exuberance and love of the medium... ART & BIOGRAPHY
Amadeus is both a trained musician and a visual artist. In his college years Amadeus studied ceramics under the guidance Alfred Van Loen. Completed in the late... ART & BIOGRAPHY
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