The mission of Alcott Center for Mental Health Services is to enhance the quality of life, promote independence and empower individuals living with mental health issues to live productive and meaningful lives. The Alcott Center provides high quality treatment and supportive services within a caring, respectful environment.

The Alcott Center for Mental Health Services Today

Throughout the years, The Alcott Center has remained steadfast in its mission to provide individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness the high quality treatment and care they need to help them live productive lives. The agency continues to expand its wide range of services to address the whole person's changing needs in a warm and caring environment. Alcott's approach is a bio-psychosocial, strength and recovery-based approach in accordance with each client's individual goals and preferences.

Our multidisciplinary staff, includes psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, case managers, rehabilitation practitioners and peers, work with each client individually to tailor a program to meet the individual's need and appropriate level of care. Each client's needs are assessed at the time of intake.

The staff collaborates with clients, and their families when appropriate, in the development of a treatment plan, and will coordinate services with other providers in order to ensure continuity and comprehensiveness of care. Services are culturally and linguistically sensitive to each client's need.

Alcott does not provide residential housing, however, we do offer intensive mental health support to those referred by the Exodus Urgent Care Center. In addition, two field capable services programs for adults and older adults allow clients to receive services in locations outside the traditional mental health clinic i.e. at home.

The individualized array of services offered by The Alcott Center have benefitted thousands. With an increased understanding of their mental illness symptoms and relapse factors, improved problem solving, more satisfaction in relationships, instillation of hope, an increased sense of self-worth and increased personal independence, people are living happy productive lives.

We offer a vibrant and welcoming environment with the commitment of providing services to reduce the impact and stigma of mental illness.


The Alcott Center for Mental Health Services was established in 1979 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for people suffering from serious and persistent mental illness. Originally known as the Beverlywood Mental Health Center, Alcott provided services that were designed to empower people by teaching them how to recognize their individual strengths in order to help them live independently.

In 1980, Alcott was awarded a contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) to provide housing for adults living with severe and persistent mental illness and, in 1986, a freestanding outpatient resource center was added to serve the community.

In 1995, responding to the desire of "board and care" residents to live more independently, Alcott developed an independent living skills program and a corresponding semi-independent housing site, which was called "The Plaza. " The Plaza, an apartment complex designed specifically for graduates of the Community Living Program (CLP), provided semi-independent living to its residents who, in turn, provided each other with support, shared experiences and social interaction. To this day, Alcott's Community Living Program continues to assist adults from all areas of Los Angeles to develop the necessary skills to live independently.

In 1999, the outpatient center was relocated to its current location on Alcott Street near Pico and Robertson Boulevards. In order to reflect its new location, the agency name was changed to The Alcott Center for Mental Health Services. In addition to The Plaza, which was managed by Alcott until 2012, the agency also provided housing for its clients at "The Grad House," a more structured living facility, which included more comprehensive mental health care services.

In 2013, Alcott decided to discontinue residential services and placed clients in alternate housing.
Many continue to return to the Alcott Center to see their doctors, participate in programs and work with their case managers on their life goals.

As part of our many services, we continue to provide residential referrals.